¡Tres Leches!

Normally, I am not overly excited about milk, let alone three milks.  Growing up, I drank a glass of 2% milk with every meal and chocolate milk with my cafeteria lunch.  Nowadays, I rarely pour myself a cup of milk and if I do, it’s whole milk or rice milk (which is not really milk, but a really tasty alternative!)

So rewind to a few weeks ago when we found ourselves at a Latin restaurant outside of Miami.  It was located in a strip mall and it was delicious.  For dessert, cuatro leches was on the menu.  I know, right – four milks?!  Considering I had never even had tres leches, I was intrigued.  So I had a bite of the spongy, caramel goodness.  And I found myself wanting more.  But I was stuffed from my pollo jalisco.  Or was it asado?  Whatever – it was tasty and fulfilling.

Weeks later, I found the house void of dessert and decided I would try my hand at tres leches.  I googled a recipe that looked moderately challenging (separating egg whites from yolks is still a mystery to me and leaves me quite messy) and made do with what I already had in my cupboards.  I followed this recipe from the Pioneer Woman, because really, who can you trust if you can’t trust a Pioneer?!

Probably my favorite part about this was making the sauce to put over the cake.  I could eat that all day.

photo (13)

The finished product did not stay on my plate for too long.  And I may have had more than one piece…

photo (14)


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