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“Chocolate” Mousse

Being that it’s Memorial Day Weekend, I just had to make some type of delicacy, even if Felix and I aren’t attending any BBQ’s.  Since everyone in Philly is “down the shore,” I’m swamped with pet-sits, so I needed something … Continue reading

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Double Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies

I’m a huge Nutella fan, but only when it’s combined with other ingredients or food.  For some (strange) reason, I don’t like it spread by itself on toast and you will never catch me dipping my spoon into a jar … Continue reading

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PB2 Chocolate Fudge

My sister introduced me to PB2 via her amazing peanut butter cup recipe, which I first spotted whilst stalking my Facebook newsfeed.  While I love peanut butter and chocolate separately, I can’t contain myself when the two are combined. Although … Continue reading

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Mini Banana Bread Loaf

Sometimes, I like my coffee with something sweet.  Today is one of those days. So  I scanned the kitchen and found a single, rotten banana. Immediately, I began searching for banana bread recipes that were small enough for one banana. … Continue reading

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Midnight Cookies

Considering I almost stayed up until midnight last night, I thought it appropriate to make some midnight cookies. Felix and I hosted a housewarming party yesterday evening.  And yes, it was warm in our 450 square foot apartment, which we … Continue reading

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Chocolate Ramecake for One

Lately, I’ve been into single serving desserts.  Mostly because I lack self-control when it comes to anything that contains chocolate.  But also due to the fact that I’ve been super short on time.  And I’m impatient.  I don’t have time … Continue reading

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Cookie Cups

It’s official – we’re all moved into our apartment.  Well, except for the piles of clothes that adorn the bedroom floor, I’d say we’re doing pretty good for moving across the country and back in less than a year. With … Continue reading

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